Monday, November 29, 2010


The last few weeks, I have been making a lot of effort to get back in touch with my dear friend, the movie theater. It's been rather wonderful!!! I've got several to blog about so let's get on with it!

Oh my beloved Harry!!! What will I do when your movies are finished???

I went to see HP7 w/my mom and sis on Saturday after it was released. I shutter just thinking about awesome and scary and amazing and WONDERFUL!! I will never understand people who don't like these movies. On a bigger note, I will never understand people who don't like movies of books, period. To me they are like the extra supplement to the book. Providing some extra material to an already awesome thing.

This part was a particular highlight for me. It happened so quickly and really shocked me into the reality of what they were about to go through. I loved them whisking from place to place. Hermione is such a STAR!!! It was awesome and sad and horrifying and so many other things...

Let's talk Bellatrix for a minute. I decided I am going to be her for Halloween next freakishly awesome!!!!

This photo will give me chills for the rest of time. So.......PERFECT!!!

One thing I love about HP movies is they've gathered up every one of my favorite actors from the this fruit cake freak show....seriously hilarious!

Actually I take that back....why hasn't Clive Owen been in an HP movie yet?

But anyway I digress. Professor Snape??? BETTER THAN EVA!!! Seriously. Plus look at that hair!!
And as always, these two are a definite highlight for me....
If you haven't seen the movie yet I doubt there is any convincing you so I won't waste my time. I will just say this movie was a 10 for me and I can't wait for part 2 and I love love love this series and am so thankful it was created during my lifetime!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Town

Don't let the horrifying movie poster scare you off b/c The Town is hands down the best movie that I've seen this year (without really thinking about what movies I've seen this year so I might have to correct myself later). I saw it 2 weeks ago and have thought of it every day since.
I always have loved Ben and wouldn't pass up an opportunity to see him in speak his "native tongue." This show was amazing for so many different reasons. The violence wasn't as bad as I was expecting but the language was horrible--similar to Good Will Hunting.
Every character was complete perfection! I must see this again soon!!! Oh and thank you Christy for sending me this hilarious ecard which I totally agree with. :)
This will definitely be worth your $8-$12....go see it and tell me what you think!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Kites is my new favorite movie...even though I haven't seen it yet thanks to living in a cultural abyss. Just watch the trailer and if you agree, you are my friend. :)

These people are so hot it's not normal. Plus doesn't the main guy look like an Indian Bradley Cooper? Bollywood + salsa + Indian Bradley Cooper = home run!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Secret in their Eyes

I am once again resolving to blog about more movies!! How can I not have blogged since February? I disgust myself!!! Anyway awhile ago I saw The Secret in their Eyes--after being nagged by Christy for several weeks. My sweet Amanda and I have a tradition to go to the movies together at least twice a year--for our birthdays. So this was my pick for my special day this year.
It's hard for me to describe this movie--especially waiting as long as I have to blog. It was amazing and shocking and interesting and more. WHEW! Just thinking about it again makes me want to go see it one more time. There was sooooooooooooooooo much about this movie that was purely fantastic!!

The thing that stands out most were the actors--they were all incredibly good and incredibly gorgeous to look at. The story is about a man who is haunted by a case that was closed 30 years ago....but he isn't satisfied so he returns to the scene of the crime to uncover the truth. Wow this scene was amazing...
I believe this movie won the Oscar for best foreign film and I totally understand why. TRULY AMAZING! I think it's still at the Broadway in SLC and I highly recommend it....but also be warned that it's a foreign film so by nature there will be some shocking things because of the cultural differences. It's absolutely worth the travel to a far away theater!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day

Saw Valentine's Day last Thursday and I thought it was just a really cute show! Overall, I'd give it an 8.
First of all, it was amazing how many people and story lines were in it. I thought it weaved together nicely and kept me interested throughout.

Love Actually is my favorite movie like this--where it unfolds throughout the movie of who knows who and how they are all linked. This one didn't even compare to Love Actually, but in general I like this kind of format.

Favorite characters....obviously Jen Garner--still totally love her!
Naturally, Bradley Cooper....he didn't get nearly enough air time though....
And what a surprise (because I've really only seen him in corny movies until now)--Ashton was so cute!!!

If you're in the mood for a cute, light story, this is it! I highly recommend it!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2009 Top Ten

I'm finally getting around to my favorite movies of was a bit of a bummer of a year for movies but I saw enough of them that I found 10 that I liked. :) I'm not gonna say much--bit will link to my original posting about the movie if you wanna read more....

Honorable Mention: New Moon (hated the book but the movie was an improvement so I'm giving it props. I didn't blog about this one so I haven't linked to anything.)

10. Whip It: Never blogged about it either but I absolutely loved it!!!!!

9. The Hangover: Still laughing about this one winning the Golden Globe! :)

8. HP6: I love everything about Harry!

7. The Proposal: Best romantic comedy of the year! Gives me hope that it is possible to make a good RC!

6. Wolverine: My review pretty much says it all.

5. The Blind Side: Again, never blogged about it--must've been the holidays that got in the way. Oh how I loooooved this movie!!!

4. 500 Days of Summer: So clever!!!

3. Avatar: Such a surprise!!!

2. Time Traveler's Wife: This is the only movie this year that earned a 10. Actually Star Trek probably earned that too....but I loved this one for many more emotional reasons.

1. Star Trek: Still in awe that I want to own this--I never like "action" movies but this one was definitely much much more!! It gets the top spot b/c I am still shocked that I liked it so much!

Do you agree? Disagree? Did I forget any good ones?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Romantic comedies that suck

Is it really that hard to write/direct/produce a good romantic comedy? Is it too much to ask to create a heroine that we love and want to "win"?

A couple weeks ago I saw Leap Year.

Oh how I wanted to love this movie....which is automatically part of the problem because my expectations were way too high. With this movie, the fact that I had expectations at all was a straight path to disappointment. It had all the makings of a good movie:
  • Amy Adams
  • Hot guy
  • Ireland
And yet it sucked. So sad. My best advice: if you are going to write a workaholic/control freak heroine, at least let us see a few of her weaknesses so that we like her.

And then I saw When in Rome.
when_in_rome_poster.jpg image by daytimeconfidential
Which didn't suck as bad as I expected it to. :) This one also had all the makings of a good movie:
  • Veronica Mars
  • Josh Duhamel
  • Rome
Again, control freak workaholic heroine. The difference though was that they did let us see her vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

The problem with this one was the clumsiness of all the characters--which is always a pet peeve of mine. How many trees did Josh run into? Stupid!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


WHAT A SURPRISE!!! This movie taught me that it's definitely best to go into a movie expecting it to suck. Low expectations always get exceeded!
Having said that, I am sure I would've liked it anyway. For one, hottie Sam Worthington was fantastic! Plus it was the perfect mixture of interesting and different + romance + adventure + emotion. I just plain loved it and left with a big smile on my face!!!!

And Zoe Saldana is having quite the year, what with this movie and Star Trek...2 of my favorites of 2009!

One of my friends said Avatar is Dances With Wolves in space. Yeah, I almost choked on that. It's a fantastic movie--different from anything--and a complete experience. It was definitely the shortest 3 hour movie I've ever seen---and I was even sad when it ended!

Plus it's making movie history so you won't want to miss it!

This isn't really a movie review--more like a commercial. There's just too much to explain so you just have to go see it!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gentlemen Broncos

Thank you Alyssa, for nudging me to get going again. :) And thank you for the following review!!!!

(Alyssa) When my sister told me she had preview tickets for Gentlemen Broncos, I was very excited to see it. I enjoyed Napoleon Dynamite and was very curious about what the same writer and director would do with this movie. Especially when I heard that it would be about sci-fi writers and sci-fi conventions.

The story goes like this: Benjamin Purvis attends a writing conference where he submits his story to a contest. The result—two other conference participants buy rights to his story to make it into a film. And Purvis’s hero, writer Ronald Chevalier, reads Benjamin’s work and creates his own (plagiarized) version of the story, which becomes a fabulous bestseller.

There’s a lot to like about this movie. Michael Angarano and Jemaine Clement turn in excellent performances as Purvis and Chevalier respectively. Chevalier’s dialogue in particular is very funny. As were the scenes revolving around the convention and bookstore appearances. This part of the story was exceptional.

Yet Gentlemen Broncos wasn’t a complete success. The person who has seen Napoleon Dynamite won’t be surprised to hear that there is a quirky cast of characters here as well. However, this group is not exactly endearing. The amateur director who makes Purvis’s work into a movie is particularly grating; the role seems designed to play into stereotypes rather than against them.

There is also a surprising (and unnecessary) reliance on bodily fluid humor, which is both excessive and not humorous. This detracted from a movie that otherwise could have made me laugh the whole way through. So the pattern was something like . . . laugh, laugh, ugh, gross, laugh, ick, laugh, that’s just not even funny. This made the movie seem more jarring than in probably was.

Still, there’s that great bookstore scene . . . and the stags . . . and the ending . . .

Why it wasn’t a four: Jemaine Clement, Michael Angarano, merchandising pillows, and very wide ric-rac. Plus, I would see it again.

Why it wasn’t an eight: Way, way too much vomit (and other stuff).

My rating: six. *Thinks about Clement.* Actually, let’s go for six and a half. *Thinks about the pillows and ric-rac* OK, six and three-quarters.