Saturday, January 16, 2010


WHAT A SURPRISE!!! This movie taught me that it's definitely best to go into a movie expecting it to suck. Low expectations always get exceeded!
Having said that, I am sure I would've liked it anyway. For one, hottie Sam Worthington was fantastic! Plus it was the perfect mixture of interesting and different + romance + adventure + emotion. I just plain loved it and left with a big smile on my face!!!!

And Zoe Saldana is having quite the year, what with this movie and Star Trek...2 of my favorites of 2009!

One of my friends said Avatar is Dances With Wolves in space. Yeah, I almost choked on that. It's a fantastic movie--different from anything--and a complete experience. It was definitely the shortest 3 hour movie I've ever seen---and I was even sad when it ended!

Plus it's making movie history so you won't want to miss it!

This isn't really a movie review--more like a commercial. There's just too much to explain so you just have to go see it!

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