Monday, November 29, 2010


The last few weeks, I have been making a lot of effort to get back in touch with my dear friend, the movie theater. It's been rather wonderful!!! I've got several to blog about so let's get on with it!

Oh my beloved Harry!!! What will I do when your movies are finished???

I went to see HP7 w/my mom and sis on Saturday after it was released. I shutter just thinking about awesome and scary and amazing and WONDERFUL!! I will never understand people who don't like these movies. On a bigger note, I will never understand people who don't like movies of books, period. To me they are like the extra supplement to the book. Providing some extra material to an already awesome thing.

This part was a particular highlight for me. It happened so quickly and really shocked me into the reality of what they were about to go through. I loved them whisking from place to place. Hermione is such a STAR!!! It was awesome and sad and horrifying and so many other things...

Let's talk Bellatrix for a minute. I decided I am going to be her for Halloween next freakishly awesome!!!!

This photo will give me chills for the rest of time. So.......PERFECT!!!

One thing I love about HP movies is they've gathered up every one of my favorite actors from the this fruit cake freak show....seriously hilarious!

Actually I take that back....why hasn't Clive Owen been in an HP movie yet?

But anyway I digress. Professor Snape??? BETTER THAN EVA!!! Seriously. Plus look at that hair!!
And as always, these two are a definite highlight for me....
If you haven't seen the movie yet I doubt there is any convincing you so I won't waste my time. I will just say this movie was a 10 for me and I can't wait for part 2 and I love love love this series and am so thankful it was created during my lifetime!!!