Friday, July 9, 2010

The Secret in their Eyes

I am once again resolving to blog about more movies!! How can I not have blogged since February? I disgust myself!!! Anyway awhile ago I saw The Secret in their Eyes--after being nagged by Christy for several weeks. My sweet Amanda and I have a tradition to go to the movies together at least twice a year--for our birthdays. So this was my pick for my special day this year.
It's hard for me to describe this movie--especially waiting as long as I have to blog. It was amazing and shocking and interesting and more. WHEW! Just thinking about it again makes me want to go see it one more time. There was sooooooooooooooooo much about this movie that was purely fantastic!!

The thing that stands out most were the actors--they were all incredibly good and incredibly gorgeous to look at. The story is about a man who is haunted by a case that was closed 30 years ago....but he isn't satisfied so he returns to the scene of the crime to uncover the truth. Wow this scene was amazing...
I believe this movie won the Oscar for best foreign film and I totally understand why. TRULY AMAZING! I think it's still at the Broadway in SLC and I highly recommend it....but also be warned that it's a foreign film so by nature there will be some shocking things because of the cultural differences. It's absolutely worth the travel to a far away theater!!!

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