Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Women (Shannon)

This movie just sucked. All I can say is we picked this over Burn After Reading! WHAT WERE WE THINKING?

Overall I rate this movie a 3.

Why it didn't get a 5:

1. It seemed like they were going for the Sex & the City type relationship w/4 different women that were friends over time....but it was absolutely NOT believable in any way!

2. All of the funny punch lines were deliverd weirdly so that they weren't funny.

3. Meg Ryan cannot seem to be anything other than this one character....over and over.
Why it didn't get a 1:

1. Chloris Leachman was funny.

2. It's filmed in NYC.

3. I've blocked out everything else that was possibly good or funny.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Dark Knight (Shannon)

I was asked by Alyssa (one of my fabulous co-workers) the other day when the Mavens were going to review The Dark Knight....and my response was "I saw it on the last day of Convention and slept through most of it and woke up only for very scary parts." So because of that: a) I hated it and b) my review won't be fair.
So instead, I asked Alyssa if she would like to be a guest reviewer, because after all, she is a writer (as you will see in a minute when you read her fantastic review) without further adieu.....

(Alyssa) Shannon fell asleep during this movie? I can only assume she was too exhausted from her jet-setting lifestyle to give this movie its due. So I’ll take it from here. :)

The Dark Knight is a gripping movie that draws you in from the initial scene—you should have heard the gasp in the IMAX theatre at the first frame of the rooftop. Nolan’s script drops the viewer right into the middle of the action: who are these men, and why they are robbing this bank? The answer is revealed slowly as the action explodes. The message? Viewers just have to keep up.
The action is only part of the movie’s greatness. (Although the action is awesome. The scene with the motorcycle, for example, is deftly filmed.) The true excellence lies in the performances. Christian Bale returns as Batman. While others are distracted by his throaty dialogue, it works fine most of the time. Gary Oldman (Gordon) and Aaron Eckhart (Dent) provide memorable performances. Oldman’s is particularly convincing.
Then of course, there’s Heath Ledger as the Joker. He slips into the role so effortlessly that it’s difficult to spot the actor beneath. The makeup helps with this transformation, but it merely adds to the Joker’s voice, posture, and demeanor. Any praise you may have seen for his performance doesn’t do it justice. His character brings a much-needed comedic element, even if it is dark comedy. I couldn’t stop laughing at his scene in the hospital, starting with a simple, “Hi” and continuing through the hand-washing scene.

The Dark Knight is more than just an action-filled summer movie, although it fits that role nicely. It’s a movie that makes you consider tough questions: How far can you push someone before he breaks? What is the nature of personal responsibility? How far would you go to fight evil? And, of course, why so serious?
Plus it’s really cool.

In short, it’s a movie worth seeing again and again. I give it a 9.

Why it’s not a 10. The movie is drawn out a bit long; it slows down a little once it hits the ferry scene.

Why it’s not a 5. The Joker. He’s not your stereotypical evil villain. He’s evil, diabolically clever, and funny. Who else would ask to just give him a minute when he’s pulled away from Batman? And the disturbing scene with Batman and the Joker in the cell? Sheer brilliance.

Thanks Alyssa!!!! Feel free to add your comments if you've seen it. And if you are interested in being a guest reviewer, leave a comment or email me w/your ideas. :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Vicky Christina Barcelona (Shannon)

To be quite honest, I can't give this movie a fair review. Why? Well because it starred Scarlett Johansson and not that I didn't already know this before, but apparently I needed one final and unequivocal reminder that SHE SUCKS! Sorry to all of you that still like her...but Scoop + Match Point + Vicky Christina Barcelona = ScarJo is just DONE in my book. Seriously. She always looks like she is in a complete failure of an audition for a role.

But alas, I shall try to be fair....overall I'd give this movie a 5 (sorry Christy).
3 Reasons it wasn't a 2:
1. Penelope Cruz was brilliant! So volatile and beautiful and funny.
2. Javier Bardem was fab too. Not enough to get on to my top ten....but a very good performance! :)
3. Barcelona!

3 Reasons it wasn't a 7:
1. ScarJo
2. Girl on girl. Seriously totally unnecessary. And p.s. the movie was PG-13 so if you're a guy, don't get too excited.
3. ScarJo