Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

This is my favorite movie of the summer!!! I was most looking forward to it than any other--actually for over 2 years!! And so I was worried that I wouldn't love it--especially when I started hearing the reviews were bad.

But this movie was MAGIC!!! How often do we get to see a movie that we have the highest of expectations for--and then it overdelivers???? This was that movie for me!!

I LOVE Eric's not fair that men get hotter as they get older!

And I LOVE Rachel McAdams....she is probably my most favorite actress right now....

When I read the book, it felt it was extremely moving! But I can't say it was my favorite book ever because it was WAY too devastating!!! Seriously I just wanted it to be different!!
And that leads me to the reason that I loved the movie so much: It FIXED all the problems of the book!!!!!! It didn't necessarily change the ending, it just made it less devastating and more happy--it ended on a happy and positive note!
My favorite scenes were the ones where Henry would travel in and out of Clare's life, and other people wouldn't necessarily know. The book did this too but I'd forgotten some of the most clever and interesting parts. So good and so perfect!!
I MUST go see it again immediately!!!! I have no idea if people who haven't read the book would love it this much. But I loved it so much--I am giving it a 10!!!

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