Sunday, March 23, 2008

Vantage Point

Shannon: Being an avid watcher of Ebert & Roeper (or really Roeper and whoever his guest is of the week), I was leary of Vantage Point because they said the rewinding and starting over again and again was a little much. But I reeeeaaaaalllly wanted to visit my old friend, the movie theater, so I went for it.

And I have to say that the rewinding was a little annoying--but only the actual way they did the rewinding made it seem repetitive...every time they showed a different perspective, I learned something new and liked the movie more.

Overall I rate Vantage Point a 7.

Why it didn't get a 10:
1. I can't feel good about rating this movie higher than the Other Boleyn Girl! haha
2. It was simply a "this happened, then that happened" sort of tale and it has to be a little deeper for me to really love it.
3. The CARNAGE! Hardly anyone survived and I have to wonder if that is really necessary.

Why it didn't get a 3:
1. The ending was really fabulous! Mostly the fact that with each perspective, they revealed a little more, until you knew everything and then it was just over. They didn't have to explain or have a narrator to wrap things up.
2. Every good movie needs a little eye candy and there was lots in this movie....Edgar Ramirez was my fave.
3. I was reminded one reason why I love movies....William Hurt was just amazing and I loved him as the President. But sometime during the film, it hit me that he was the pathetic dad in Into the Wild and I just hated him in that! Truly an amazing contrast!

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Anonymous said...

I quite enjoyed this show. It captivated my attention throught the movie- rarely did I start thinking about my huge honey do list that was waiting for me at home as a trade off for being able to go to the movie for guy nite! The rewinding was a bit distracting but became more commical to those in attendance. In fact by the last one some man yelled out "HOly Sh_ _! Not another- the whole audience burst into laughter. All in all a pretty good film.