Monday, March 31, 2008


Shannon: Laurie asked for a review on Atonement b/c she is reading the book...I am guessing she wants to know if it was good and if she should see it when she's please comment if you've seen it and tell us what you thought. Also--try not to spoil the ending for her, if possible! :)

I loved Atonement! I thought about it for several days and wanted to talk about it too. For me--that's usually a sign of a movie that I liked. So....overall I rate Atonement a 9.

3 Reasons why it wasn't a 10:
1. Well it almost was a I'm going to have to be picky here...probably the #1 reason is I don't really like Keira Knightly (not even after Pride & Prejudice or Love Actually). Also, she was so thin in this movie that it was distracting.
2. Nor do I really like James McAvoy. But he was entertaining and overall I thought both of them did a great job.
3. The war scenes dragged on.

3 Reasons why it wasn't a 5:
1. The story was so moving--and for me the movie was enough--I didn't feel like I needed more information or deeper explanations. I thought it really explained things well, and things were resolved in the end. Even though I've heard from some book readers that it needed more, I don't agree.
2. The costumes were so amazing--Keira's green dress motivated me to shop--and I found an amazing silky green shirt--not quite the same but definitely more suitable for me to wear. :)
3. Everyone was really good and the scenery was amazing.

Would I recommend it? Yes--but there are definitely some shocking parts so if you're leary, read some more reviews where they give some spoilers so you know what to expect.

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This and That at the Peterson's said...

Thank you so much Shannon for getting right on that for me!!! :) :) I am so excited to see it! Now if I could just commit to reading every night for an hour, I could get through the book before the movie moves off the "New Release" aisle at the local rental store. You don't love Kiera Knightly?!? Hmm, I might have to be saddened by that for a minute.