Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hillary's Biography

Why am I qualified to analyze movies on this blog?
#1 I took a film class in college (because of the guy I wanted to get close to and it worked! temporarily)
#2 In that film class I watched and analyzed The Graduate.
#3 In high school I saw the Elephant Man at least 3 times (the scene where they poured alcohol in his hole of a mouth to get him drunk really stuck with me).
I do love movies but I do not waste time on bad movies. I research them before hand to try to better my odds at seeing movies I will like. That is one reason we "mavens" want to share experiences at the theatre so you can say goodbye to spending 2 hours and $10 on crappy movies.
When I'm not in the theatre, I am a mother to three kids (one of them is REALLY cute) and I have my own little commercial property management company which keeps me busy.

Movies in which I consider a "10"
Moulin Rouge (all time fav)
Garden State
In America
The Saint (I love anything set in Europe and with Val Kilmer, this had both!!)

Movies from 2007 I would consider an "8" or "9"
High School Musical 2

Movies at a "5" (well maybe a "6")
27 Dresses
No Reservations
Music and Lyrics
Many other pretty good romantic comedys.
This is a recommendation.

Movies at a "1"
Wedding Planner
Prob a lot of blockbuster action movies, but I don't usually see those.
First Daughter (walked out)