Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday Night Movie Time

Christy: Well, its a Friday night in spring and there 'ain't nothing in the theaters! What is a movie lover to do? Besides posting on her movie blog, this movie lover turned to Netflix. I watched Away from Her staring Julie Christie. (I am still trying to catch up on films from the Oscars) Julie Christie was nominated for her role as a woman with Alzheimer's.

After about thirty minutes I was ready to go to my room and cry for a while, but then I toughened up and watched the rest of the film. The movie is a heart breaker- Julie Christie was brilliant and the actor who played her husband, Gordon Pinsent, well, I might start crying just thinking about him. Their performance was a tribute to the realities of marriage and the heartbreak it must be when, after 44 years of marriage, a spouse begins to forget.

I give this movie a 9- the acting was wonderful and it seemed a realistic portrayal of the challenges of Alzheimer's , but it didn't stay with me like a 10 would. 10 movies stay in my dreams- maybe Away from Her was too painful! Finally, Sarah Polley? Who knew she was so talented? As the writer AND directer of this film, Ms. Polley showed a light touch and never made this film melodramatic.

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Shannon said...

thanks for the review, Christy (this is Shannon, btw). Hmmm...I might have to consider that one for awhile longer before I watch it. I love having the description so I know what to expect!