Sunday, March 23, 2008

In Bruges/Away From Her

Hillary: I loved In Bruges! Well, now that I have some distance from it. I am careful about the violence I see because I do not like it even in the name of art. Because this is filmed "In Bruges" I took the chance, and it was a hard-core movie. Not as violent as say Braveheart (which I turned off) or say, The Departed. In The Departed, the violence overtook any enjoyment for the movie itself so I didn't like it at all. However, the clever storyline, the funny dialogue and beautiful scenery was enough to overcome the violence and the dark tone of In Bruges. The side stories were hilarious like the midget with the prostitutes and the chick Colin Farrell hooks up with that has a job supplying drugs to an American movie set. I usually don't like European movies degrading Americans because let's face it they would be speaking German if not for . . . and they wouldn't have that much of an economy if we didn't visit and lend our technological advances . . . but I digress, the only Americans in the movie were the midget (excuse me L.P.) and some fat tourists that have a heart attack climbing the church bell tower. That was funny, I have to say. I laughed out loud in the movie and was shocked to the core. I especially loved the juxtaposition of the fairy tale setting of Bruges and the dark nature of the storyline :).

Who would I recommend this movie to? Well, Christy - and I took my husband and I can't think of anyone else that may enjoy the material enough, I give it a 7 or 8 overall.


We bought this movie On Demand a few weeks ago. I'd heard so much good about it and I really wanted to see it - I turned it off because what I had stored on my DVR seemed more interesting and enjoyable. It was really slow at first and I didn't have the patience that night . . .


Movie Mavens said...

Find the patience :0

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the movie yet. It looks good and I love the town Bruges, so I'll have to see the movie. Braveheart is one of my all time favorite movies!:( Departed was pretty good as well...though they both were pretty violent!

I love the paper, color and layout of your blog! So very cute!

Spockwingdiamond said...

I'm sure Braveheart is a good movie (let me guess, Gladiator is another one of your faves) and Departed, yes, is well done I was just trying to demonstrate my squeemishness about violence - those bloody scenes can just be too much for me.