Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Public Enemies

I think one of the main reasons I didn't really care for this movie is Johnny Depp. For me, he is like Christian Bale--neither of them would ever make my top 10. And I realize I am one of few females who feels this way.

And oh my gosh I just remembered, while searching for photos, that Christian Bale was also in this movie! hahahahaha That's how memorable he was!

Alas, I really didn't care for 101 ways to shoot 'em up! I loved the scenes w/Marion Cotillard & Johnny (although she is definitely still on my 'wait and see' list). I wanted much much more of the fabulous and romantic life of a bank robber!!! And I wanted much much much much MUCH less of all the shooting scenes.

If they would've followed my idea even just a little, this would've been one of the better "date" movies of the year b/c it would've satisfied both men and women. Too bad, so sad. I'd give this movie a 6.

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