Monday, September 14, 2009

All About Steve

When it comes to this movie, the poster says it all....And thanks to Bradley Cooper, I was excited for this movie. And of course, he didn't disappoint. :)
But overall, it was completely average. I like Sandy--but I didn't think it was a shining moment for her. She's past roles like this. Thomas Hayden Church was great....

It had some funny moments but overall it was about a 5. I would recommend going to see Star Trek again at the dollar theater instead of this one. :) Or go to it for a few good laughs, but nothing else very memorable.

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Cindy Major said...

I saw this movie on the plane. Considering I didn't pay for it and had nowhere else to go, it was not so bad.

Actually, it was way better than The Graduate, which I was totally excited to see (in part because I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan and was happy to see Alexis Bledel return on screen) and was a huge letdown.

On a side note, I rented Sunshine Cleaning after reading your review and I LOVED it. It was my greatest movie surprise of the year, and something I would never have thought to read had I not read your review. I thought it was so moving. So thank you for sharing about it!

Cindy :)