Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Half-Blood Prince

Oh how I love love love all things Harry!!!! I am still a little bit sad that I've already seen this movie. Why? Well firsts are just so important. For example, I remember the first time I saw the Backstreet Boys in concert like it was yesterday--but do I remember the 10th? 15th? 20th? I think you get my point.

I often think: "I will only get to do this once, for the first time." The 2nd time is never as good.

Thankfully, the first time seeing HP6 was anything but a disappointment!!!!! How do you make a near perfect series even better? Invite Harold Zidler to play an important role! (If you are lost, see Moulin Rouge's IMDB cast list). Seriously Jim Broadbent could not have been more perfect! And I am so thankful that Harry is so big in the UK so that they have their pick of all the best actors.

Case in point.....
For me, magic always happens when these 3 are on screen together....

Plus Ron gets hotter with age (I always love the ginger's)!
And I'm even more thankful for Ron since all the eye candy that was previously included in these movies disappeared (Jason Isaacs & Ralph Fiennes). Ok So I know I just grossed some of you out by saying that Voldemort is hot. But really I can see right through those nose slits and peer into the eyes of Count Almasy!!!

This was one of my favorite scenes.....this kind of stuff is what really makes these movies unexpected, clever and funny!
And then this.....the saddest moment in the movie....not only because someone special dies (you're welcome from not "spoiling") but also because these two realize what lies ahead.....

Oh how I love you Harry! Thank you for being the best ever and please hurry up and finish movie 7, part A!


Jeanelle said...

I'm seeing it tonight and I can't wait. The girls at camp begged me to sneak them out last Tuesday night to see it.

amylouwho said...

will you come babysit so I can go see this?!