Monday, July 13, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

This movie was one of the biggest cry-fests that I've ever seen. I remember crying this hard in the English Patient--which is one reason I loved it--it simply made me FEEL! But that was only the end--this movie keeps the same feeling pretty much throughout.
Probably my favorite thing about this movie is that you got to see how it would feel to be each of the family members. I just can't even imagine going through that together.
Oh and how I love love loved Taylor! That part of the story was so perfect and sweet! The ending was lovely--I totally recommend seeing this movie and I am excited to see it again!


Vanessa said...

It sounds tooo sad. I hate sad. But, maybe I'll rent it.

Kristy Young said...

I cried when I read the book so I imagine I will cry at the movie! Can't wait to go see it.

Anonymous said...

Please, please read the book, because they are NOT the same story! I do not understand why movies of novels cannot tell the story that was written originally. However, it was still a great movie!

Shannon said...

OK Laura--I will put it on my very long list of books to read. :) I will admit though that it doesn't bother me too much when movies are different than the books because in some cases they are better (like with the Time Traveler's Wife....which I'll be blogging about soon).