Thursday, May 21, 2009

Angels and Demons

This is one of the movies that I saw while in Viriginia last week and I overall I was underwhelmed. There were however, 2 things that I really liked:

1) The actors....I always enjoy Tom Hanks even though I feel he was tragically mis-cast in this role (Clive Owen anyone? I swear this book was written w/him in mind!). I like the actress from Munich...

And any movie that Christian is in, I will enjoy. :)
SPOILER ALERT: Although as somone who never read the book--I will say that I picked up from the trailer that he was the bad guy. And I'm not at all the type to try to figure things out--I just got that vibe so I think the trailer-making person should be fired for this one.

The 2nd reason is quite obviously: ROME!!! Oh my gosh Rome Rome Rome--seriously you saw so much of it in this movie--so completely amazing that I cannot wait to go back!! How can a city that amazing be so undiscovered by me? I feel incomplete! :)

I liked The DaVinci Code better--and I don't think that is only because it was in Paris. It may have something to do with having read that book though--who knows. Anyway it was good, but like I said, a bit underwhelming.

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