Friday, March 13, 2009

The Wrestler (Shannon)

Thursday night, I went to see The Wrestler w/Amanda. Overall, this movie was sooooooo sad for me! I stil feel sad thinking about it. For several reasons but I think mostly because there wasn't much of a resolve at the end. And also it was so weirdly violent!!
There were some really awesome parts though--like this one w/Marisa--I love her and she was perfect!!!

And then there were a few scenes w/the wrestler and his daughter that were so touching! I loved that part of the movie the most---but it was also extremely heartbreaking!

Overall though, I will say this movie made me feel massive amounts of compassion for all people! I realized that the language of love speaks louder than any other. And I love people!!

Would I recommend this movie? Probaby not to 99% of people--but I bet there would be a few of you that would love it!!!


Anonymous said...

I liked your review, made sense to me, and I've seen him on a few awards shows - you know he knows he is lucky to be where he is right now. Seems truly greatful, so that is another reason I'd like to see it in the theater.

Jeanelle said...

I saw this a couple of weeks ago and I thought about it for days afterward. It was graphic (my eyes were closed during certain scenes - I'm sure you could guess!) but Mickey Rourke totally became that character and even though I haven't seen Milk, I think he should have won best actor (I'm updating my netflix queue so came here for ideas!)