Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Velveteen Rabbit (Shannon)

My mom was really excited about the Velveteen Rabbit and so she invited me and Zoey to go w/her on Saturday. I was watching Zoe and Chaz all weekend so Dad "volunteered" to watch Chaz so we could go (thanks Dad!).

I grew up listening to my mom read this book to us--and I kind of remember it as depressing.
But it was really fun to see it more in real-life. I really enjoyed the movie and think it is a great movie to take your kids to. However, it's a little slower than some of the kids movies they may have seen. If you saw the Water Horse, I'd say it is about that speed--not like the Incredibles or Shrek (sorry--my kids movie repetoire is pretty limited).
The main theme that really stood out to me was LOVE!! And as I've been saying and feeling lately, everyone speaks the language of love. Love will make you real! Love will let you feel! Love is all there is in this life! And to be totally cliche, I loved this about the movie!!
Your kids probably won't get this theme--but they will enjoy the cartoon animals. Plus, Zoey loved it!

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Vanessa said...

And, it looks like Kitty-Kat from the Wedding Crashers is in it. If that isn't polar opposites...