Friday, August 8, 2008

Mamma Mia

(Shannon) This post is all about why Mamma Mia is the best show of the summer....and maybe of all time! I was truly looking forward to this movie (as much as I am looking forward to seeing the Backstreet Boys on August 18! Seriously!!!) I've seen the play twice, and loved ABBA since I was a kid. Before seeing it, someone said to me that they thought I was going to be disappointed....and I swiftly reminded her that the preview shows men in speedos doing high-steps in flippers on a dock. Now I ask--how could anyone be disappointed with that?

These were the major take-a-ways for me:
  • Dancin' Queen: Seriously folks--if this number does not make you 1) a little emotional and 2) want to ditch your day job to dance, I would worry about you.
  • Donna's BFFs. They were absolutely perfect!
  • The scenery was simply out of this world.
  • Pierce Brosnan has still got it! All the "dads" were amazing!
  • The musical numbers just kept going one right after another--no time to get bored!! Truly the music was the #1 thing!

I could go on and on....instead I shall now post a quote from my dear friend Vanessa:

"Christine Baranski is a hoot, with a body to die for at her age and can knock those young girls out of the water. I couldn't get enough of the ABBA songs and can't wait for Shannon to burn the soundtrack for me. This movie will knock your socks off, your dancing socks that is!"

If you haven't seen this yet, run...don't the nearest theater and prepare yourself for the most fun you've ever had in a theater!!


Shannon said...

P.S. This movie was definitely a 10!!!!

Amylouwho said...

I thought this movie was definitely entertaining - if not a bit silly. But I agree with most of what you said. I don't think Pierce, as good as he looks, can sing. I loved the all the blue colors of paint in the hotel. It inspired me to paint a couple chairs I have.

I can see how this would be a really great stage production - I haven't seen it on stage yet.

Vanessa said...

Your good friend Vanessa sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

She is awesome, as is this movie. I made my hubby and kids go last night for my birthday. I don't think any of them wanted to see it but they all LOVED it. Dancing Queen is also my favorite, and the scenery is wow. Doesn't it make you want to spend a month in Greece?

Fitzwater Family said...

Everyone is saying it is a total movie to see. Thanks for your take!

This and That at the Peterson's said...

I'm in love all over again with Peirce. (I fell madly in love with him after seeing the Thomas Crown Affair)He is so damn sexy, especially when he is down on one knee, or maybe it was because everyone around them was singing "I do, I do, I do". This movie is soooo you Shannon and I loved it. Even down to the BFF that looked like Ver (your mom with her square glasses) I will be singing Dancing Queen for weeks! And yes, I just about stood up and started singing right there in the movie theater. IT WAS BAD A** :)