Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ugly Truth & Funny People

I'm not going to really bother giving my opinion on these movies b/c they were not made for me or people like me. I was reminded once again that when you see previews for a movie for months and months beforehand, it's probably an advertising ploy to make at least something back on a crappy movie (the ugly truth). If Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler cannot even save a movie, well there's a serious problem. This picture was the only really funny part of the movie. :)
But I digress from my original intent. Apparently people like stupid movies w/crass humor. And while there were some good laughs, overall I left both these movies thinking "that sucked." Indeed there was a bit of similar humor in the Hangover but in these movies it seemed out of place and totally gratuitious.
Except Eric Bana. As usual, he was perfect.
And this brings me back to my #1 movie gripe these days: why don't they properly show you in the trailer what the movie is all about? If they would do that, all these problems would be solved!!!
p.s. this may show my age, but I don't think Seth Rogen is funny AT ALL!


Vanessa said...

Ugly Truth = LAME

Anonymous said...

I'm so with you on Seth Rogan - NOT funny. Pre-school humor, not humorous! Most new movies don't interest me. I think it will continue to be like that, because the upcoming and future writers, directors, actors, comediennes all have the same sense of what's funny or interesting. Now I understand my grandma when she'd say things like, "I'm just too old for this." when we bought her a cell phone, a CD player and then a DVD player! Eek!
Love ya,
Laura (the long-haired demo from Florida! :)