Sunday, January 18, 2009

2008 Top Ten

(Shannon) What better way to dive right back into the blog-o-sphere than with a top ten? Here are my top ten movies of 2008:

10. Body of Lies: It was a pretty good movie, but really what I loved about it was Leo (of course). This is one of his hottest--and I love that we are both growing old together (love the wrinkles, Leo!). Kate said it best in her Golden Globe acceptance speech: "Leo I love you. I've loved you for 13 years."

9. 27 Dresses: I've only been an official bridesmaid 4 times (I think--it's difficult to remember) but WOW did I love the closing scene where everyone was standing there in the dresses that they made their bridesmaids wear. So hilarious! Mostly I loved this one b/c it was so much fun!

8. Sex & the City: Fashion. Glamour. NYC. It was going to be difficult for me NOT to like this one.

7. Iron Man: This one was a major surprise--so much so that I saw it 2 nights in a row! I haven't done that since Lara Croft: Tombraider (which sucked but it was my first introduction to Gerard Butler). The main characters were so great and so great together. And I loved how realistic it seemed to actually be a superhero.

6. Twilight: I've said many times there there is about 30 minutes of good movie in Twilight. But WOW those 30 minutes are WORTH IT! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the baseball game. That scene is a supermassive hit for sure! I love when you first meet the Cullens (except Jasper--seriously how was he so wrong?). I love the scenery, houses, school, all so perfect. If there would've been good directing, Twilight would be #1.

5. Secret Life of Bees: Also a complete surprise--the cast was seriously amazing. The story was so touching and sweet and interesting. The only thing that was missing was a musical number from Queen, Alicia & Jennifer! How fantastic would that have been?

4. Mamma Mia: (sigh) This is such a fun movie!!! I could never, as long as I live, get enough of Dancing Queen and the way the Greek women join in and then then dance on the pier and jump in. BRILLIANT! This movie was truly for ABBA lovers but I've found that many non-ABBA-lovers liked it to.

3. Australia: This was a truly beautiful movie. The scenery, costumes, actors, camera angles!!! Obviously from my post right before this one, I was going to love this movie. And it didn't dissapoint!! It isn't going to bump Moulin Rouge out of it's #1 spot though, but it was definitely awesome!

2. Curious Case of Benjamin Button: This one and Australia were neck and neck for the #2 spot. I chose this one b/c it was unexpectedly wonderful. Above all, I loved the way this movie showed how two people loved each other, and spent their lives loving each other.

1. Slumdog Millionaire: If I talk to you very often, you probably have already heard me gush about this movie. It is sooooooo interesting and touching and different and emotional and wonderful. There is no way I could properly explain so please just go see it!!!!

NOTE: You may be wondering where Revolutionary Road or Defiance or the Reader or Doubt or many of those movies are on my top ten. I will just steal a phrase from my friend Brian and say that Utah is a cultural abyss--we don't have many movie options around here so many of them aren't here at all or came really late. So I have yet to see some. And even further still, some of these listed I'm not actually dying to see (Rev Road--sorry Leo! Don't be mad).


Vanessa said...

So happy you are back in the blog world! I'm glad that I got to see 5 of the 10 with you!

Lisa said...

Yea your back in action. Great top 10. I will always remember seeing Mamma Mia with you. Such a great show. And Australia, dang good shows in 2008.

Mrs. Jack Sprat said...

Mama Mia, good times, great oldies. But, I haven't seen anything I cant contribute my own top ten :(

But Rev Road?? It is Leo's performance!! You have to at least see it on Netflix?

And I too love Leo. And have loved him for 14 or 15 years (whenever Romeo and Juliet came out).


Caroline said...

Shan, I need the names of the Twilight songs that we listened to - espesh the baseball scene one!

I always love your top tens!
- Caroline.

Heather said...

Fun post! Makes me want to go see some of your recommendations, Shannon. You're great!

Kristy said...

OH I am shattered you didnt think much of twilight! I LOVE IT!!! I actually seen it at the cinemas 6 times yep I know obsessed lol. And I have ofcoursed watched it just about everynight since being on dvd. The baseball scene is my fav scene though!