Wednesday, May 21, 2008


(Shannon) The Movie Mavens have been on haitus--either on vacation, sick and/or working too hard. :) But we're back and I"m going to review 21--which I saw a couple weeks ago. I was really excited to see the movie and in lots of ways I liked it--and in some ways I didn't.

Overall, I rate this movie a 6.

3 Reasons it wasn't a 10:

1) The grossely overdone narration!! IT WAS SO ANNOYING! I hate narration at all, but I particularly hate it when they use that to explain how the characters are feeling. A good script writer could figure out how to work that into a conversation or emotion, rather than blatantly just telling us "I felt like a king in Vegas" e.g. LAME!

2) Kevin Spacey bugged. And generally I like everyone w/the name of Kevin--but he's an a major decline.

3) The end was weird and I kept thinking "is it over?" "Is it over now?"

3 Reasons it wasn't a 3:

1) Jim Sturgess

2) Kate Bosworth wasn't as disgustingly skinny as she was in Superman

3) I now know how to count cards so I'm fixin' to go make myself a million!

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