Monday, April 2, 2012


Last Friday I saw W.E. ( For me, this was one of those movies that I became obsessed with instantly--and was incredibly disappointed to once again be living in a cultural abyss. So last Thursday, I thought "Hey maybe, just maybe, it will be at the Broadway tomorrow." And when I searched and it was there, I thought my eyes were deceiving me!!!
I have to admit I didn't love it as much as I wanted to, but I DID love it!!! In fact today I have my hair up and red lipstick on--my best Wallis Simpson look.
This was maybe the best moment of the movie:
AND....Andrea Riseborough is my new Claire (when they do finally get with the program and make Outlander a movie...I'm going to do another post later with my dream cast).
So, here are a few things that made this movie so outstanding:
  • Wallis Simpson's wardrobe....SO AMAZING!
  • Some awesome moments with music--yay good job Madonna!
  • Hearing about the "other brother"---you know, the scandalous one.

Omg I love that photo!

Now for what I didn't like...there was only one thing:

  • Really could've done without the modern story--would've preferred just to have a start to finish of the Duke and Duchess.

And one more photo for good measure...I mean are you kidding me?

But this was was truly my favorite--look at that tailoring!

By-the-way, look forward to many more posts as I am enlisting the help of some fabulous people!!! It's good to be back...

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Angie said...

Okay - beautiful pics! Amazing costumes. I can't wait to see it!