Sunday, October 12, 2008

Body of Lies (Shannon)

Last Friday, Amanda Romualdo (another one of my fabulous coworkers) & I went to see "Body of Lies." This is becoming quite a tradition for us--this is our 3rd Leo movie outing. :)
Of the 3 most recent Leo movies, I would rank them like this:

1. The Departed
2. Blood Diamond
3. Body of Lies

Why? Well they are all good primarily because of this:
And maybe w/a little more time and a few more viewings, I will like Body of Lies as much. But really it's not fair to compare it to those other two b/c they are all amazing movies for different reasons.

One thing I liked about Body of Lies better than the the other two was it was less violent (even though there were a few brutal scenes). And I loved the jet-setting to Jordan, Amsterdam, Dubai, Virginia, etc.

And without giving too many spoilers, I loved the main theme at the end that breaks through--Leo walks away for a bigger cause. :)

Overall I would give Body of Lies a 7.

It was a good movie and if you like middle east and/or governmental stuff w/a little hot Leo thrown in, I'd say go see it!!!! :)

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